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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Prosperity Sharing

I'm so excited to be launching this amazing and inspiring collection of interviews with you creative beauties! I deeply believe that Your Creative Spark is a unique treasure that's going to touch people and make a difference in people's lives - in fact, it already has!

Let's spread the creative magic!

I'd also love to spread prosperity by inviting you, the interviewees, to be an affiliate in the sales of Your Creative Spark.

As an affiliate, you will...
  • Receive 30% of sales generated from your blog or website
  • Receive payment once a month
  • Receive a link upon sign-up to put on your blog or website. It will direct people to Your Creative Spark's sales page and will use cookies to track that the purchaser came from your site.
  • Need a Paypal account in order to receive payment
I hope you'll join me! Oh, and feel free to take the button on the side and use that with your affiliate link.

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